The PainkillerLYRIC BELFAST 2011

Brian is suicidal. And why not? He’s Swindon’s seventeenth best news photographer, dresses in casualwear, and sings ‘Lady in Red’ as spiritual salvation. Oh, and his wife just left him. He decides there is only one escape from his pain.

Ralph is at ease with the world. And why not? He’s the best there is, calls himself ‘John Smith’, dresses in Armani, and carries a Heckler and Koch PSG1 sniper rifle. But you’d never know. If forced to speak, he would say that he’s in the business of ‘pain removal’.

Two men. Two lonely hotel rooms. An adjoining door…

On any other day Brian would have successfully ended things. On any other day Ralph would have successfully ended someone.

But not today… Today’s different…

Starring Kenneth Branagh and Rob Brydon
with Stuart Graham, Mark Hadfield, Claudia Harrison and Andy Moore
Adapted and Directed by Sean Foley
Creative Producers Kenneth Branagh and Sean Foley