In 2016 Fiery Angel and Fiery Dragons launched a new joint venture, The Fiery Development Company, with the specific aim of creating and developing ambitious new work for the commercial market in the UK and internationally. The Fiery Development Company will facilitate more risk-taking than might otherwise have been possible, taking work in new directions and enhancing our ability to produce stimulating and imaginative work.

Allowing for the timeframes involved in realising new work, The Fiery Development Company is a long-term venture which will work with producing partners in both the commercial and subsidised sectors. The Fiery Development Company will also work alongside TV and film producers to explore avenues for new writing with the potential for combined screen and stage projects, presenting an exciting cross-over of creative and producing talent.

The Fiery Development Company is led by Hedda Beeby, previously Artistic Director of The Watermill Theatre.

For more information email [email protected]